It's really quite simple.

But then again, nothing’s that simple. We design interfaces and things
 (yes, “things”... ranging from a deck of cards to medical device interfaces to physical books) that are useable, beautiful, and ready for scale.

In short, we organize information and solve problems, then make it beautiful and delightful. Research is important to us; we like to get our
 hands dirty, and believe it’s necessary to design a truly meaningful experience that actually makes sense.

We’re transparent about our structure. Led by Julia Wilson, we’re a small
 group of designers, product experts and developers that work with clients
 both independently and together, and both full-time and on the side. We
 often work remotely + internationally.

The facts

  • Founded in 2015
  • Based in Boston
  • Team in NYC, Stockholm & San Francisco

The skills

  • Branding
  • UI + Interface design
  • UX + Deep dive research
  • Front-end dev

Julia Wilson

Founder & Designer

Boston 🇺🇸 + Malmö 🇸🇪

With humble design roots that began in a freshman year architecture class, Julia's grown to love solving problems for startups through design.

Before starting J+, she previously ran Scout as CEO, started Scout Labs, and worked at KIND Snacks. She's also the co-founder of Bad Bitch Cards. She prides herself on being conceptual, clever, and a damn hard worker, but feels awkward saying that because it's a #notsohumblebrag.

Nathan Hulsey

UX Designer

Boston 🇺🇸

You may think that Nathan is your typical bearded, hipster designer... but he is anything but typical. Nathan currently runs Scout and co-founded Shredcast. He's passionate about solving UX problems for startups, and gets elbow-deep in anything from WordPress to designing a coffee bottle.

Vendela Larsson

Designer & Developer

Boston 🇺🇸

Everyone needs a resident Swede. Vendela is a true unicorn 🦄, able to design websites and products beautifully and then code it herself.

When she's not working with J+, she's at her day job at Bison, where she designs and develops financial products.

James McNamara

Full-stack Developer

San Francisco 🇺🇸

James has been taking apart computers and putting together applications since he was 12 years old. With lead dev roles in web, mobile, desktop & VR apps, he brings a passion for software architecture and functional programming to every project.

His client work includes application development for MIT, Catalant Technologies, and the US Government. Before J+ he held engineering roles at Credit Suisse, Smartleaf, and GMO.

Claire Dufournier

Designer & Illustrator

Boston 🇺🇸 + Brussels 🇧🇪

We swear it has to be magic. Claire constantly creates beautiful work with what seems like the snap of her fingers. As the co-founder and illustrator of Bad Bitch Cards, Claire has her own unique illustration style.

Her European upbringing shows in her work; it is clean, quirky, and downright beautiful. Claire also makes a mean breakfast.

Aki Dairo

Advisor & Partnerships

New York City 🇺🇸

Aki's always been a hustler. After starting a celeb-loved clothing company at 15, he joined LevelUp in sales, and eventually joined Tablelist to lead the Field Marketing team. He was promoted to General Manager at 22 despite having no industry background.

Aki dreams big and then executes to make it happen. He advises J+ on partnerships and PR.