Lexumo Website


Lexumo is a b2b product that helps Agile teams bring products to market faster and securely. We worked with the executive team to design a clean and bright marketing website to drive conversion. The site is built on a custom-made WordPress template. We also created custom illustrations, animations, and imagery to expand on Lexumo's brand.


Web design

UX Design


Branding and Illustration


A drastic change

The original Lexumo site was one page, very dark, and lacked context about what the company did. To appeal to more potential customers and build the brand, we lightened up the entire site, and switched the main brand color from navy blue to green. We also added in subtle illustrations, all different from each other, on the heading splashes.

image description

Dividing up the meat

The website is very content heavy, so we came up with multiple different ways to break it up. By integrating icons, illustrations, soft patterning and line connectors, we were able to make the text much more approachable, give context to it, and have users actually read it.