Spritz Mobile App


Spritz is a b2c mobile application that provides on-demand car washes and car detailing through the click of an app. We worked with the founder to design an intuitive user flow, beautiful interface, and memorable, fun brand. We created two apps in one - an app for washers, and an app for users.


iOS product design

Branding and marketing

MVP and pitch deck


Sign in & Onboarding

The onboarding needed to be as seamless and intuitive as possible, while still getting all of the information Spritz needs. The flow takes you through a 6-step process to collect information about your profile, car, payment method and photos.

image description

User Flow

Once users complete the onboarding, create a user profile and add all of the information needed, they order a car wash through an interactive map that notifies both the washer and user.

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The transition and waiting screens were a perfect opportunity to have some fun and expand on the brand - we created car wash (and bird poop) themed illustrations for this purpose.

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